K-NADS: Kenya North America Diaspora SACCO


K-NADS is a registered deposit taking SACCO devoted to providing a channel of savings and investments for Kenyan women living in North America. 

Kenya North America Diaspora Sacco (KNADS) was registered with the offices of the Commissioner for Cooperative and Industrialization on 28th of November 2016.

K-NADS is borne of the premise that as Diaspora women, we have the collective power to save, invest and build ourselves and our future in Kenya even as we live and work in the Diaspora.

K-NADS’ membership is drawn from the 23 countries that constitute North America region and is fully owned and governed by members who share the same Common Bond as stipulated in its bylaws. The SACCO is now owned and governed by members who all share in the slogan “No Woman Left Behind.”

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P.O. BOX 1954-00621,
Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya.
Telephone: +1 254 714 917049
P.O. BOX 600673, Dallas TX 75360
Telephone: +1 254 714 917049

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P.O. BOX 600673
Dallas, Texas 75360
United States

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2 Reviews
Anne Mwai
Birmingham AL
Women investment in Diaspora

My Best Decision yet. Great leaderships, Great Vision and most importantly, awesome products that fit my investment needs in Kenya.

April 2018

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Florence Nyoike
Austin Texas

Knadsacco pioneer member #NoWomnanLeftBehind #ForWomenbyWomen #WeBuildTheyWillCome #ItsTime #WomenMillionaireClub

April 2018

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2 Reviews

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