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Karisan Media is also provides a stepping stone for all who want to be part of broadcast journalism, whether your dreams are of becoming a political talk show host, an online preacher, a radio personality; we will help you get there. We will also work with you to develop your talent with the express purpose of getting you your very own radio program up and running. Karisan Media believes in reaching out to the people! Media Students: Karisan Media is proud of bring to you the work of Journalism students based in Kenya. We are very happy to be a part of their growth and exposure in their Journalism Careers. CONTACT US We look forward to hearing from you! We welcome any feedback from our listeners. We also welcome any ideas on topics you want to know about. Please send emails to editor@karisanmedia.com. You may also write or call us using the contacts below: (SUSAN) NJERI KARIUKI CEO Karisan Media Productions Email: susan@karisanmedia.com Tel: +1-214-597-469 Henry Pasha Head of Radio, Kreative Director/Marketing Stategist Email: Pasha@karisanmedia.com Tel: +1-214-606-9903 Karisan Media Radio and its affiliates is an independent, non-partisan, Media Company geared to providing and distributing content that will inform, educate, encourage, motivate and transform the lives of our audience. Since our founding in 2010 we have pursued a single mission – providing relevant information to our people across the world.


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