Kenya and Friends in Park


Kenya in the park is a project set up by Malaika Dance Unique,  Maasai World Market and supported by Kenyans in the United Kingdom; the project involves having an annual event with an aim of taking it to different countries.  We draw a lot of inspiration from our National Anthem. We are encouraged to live in peace, love and unity, which is our main goal. Kenyans are resilient people, though faced with hurdles; they always find a way of overcoming it. Unity is strength and Kenya and friends in the park offers an opportunity for all Kenyans to show the spirit of togetherness, network and share our diversity. It’s time for Kenyans to embrace all Kenyan ethnicity, culture and background, not forgetting Kenyan Somalia’s, Kenyan Indians and Kenyans  from the North just to mention a few.

Founder: Lydia Olet




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