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Neilly's Foods has made the world our kitchen and are excited to bring you the healthy and authentic flavors of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. We have taken some of the most complex recipes from around the world and turned them into fun, easy and convenient food products. Join us on this journey of discovery from the comfort of your kitchen table and share with us some of the finest Afro-Caribbean and Hispanic recipes that we have put together exclusively for you.

Our products are all natural and preservatives free.
We use hormone free chicken for all our chicken products.

Where to Buy

  • Giant food Landover division (Maryland, VA, DC and Delaware)

  • Giant Carlyle (PA, NJ)

  • Martins (VA and West VA)

  • Whole Foods market Mid-Atlantic Region (MD, VA, DC, NJ, PA)

  • MOM’s Organic Market

  • Dawson’s Market (Rockville MD, Manassas VA)

  • Walmart Southern Regions (TX, LA, AL, TN, FL, MI, AS)

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To view how to cook Neilly's Jollof Rice -- click here.

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